Workshop: Emotional Clearing Therapy

July 7 – 9, 2017 | 19 Chapel Hill Rd, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 by David Quigley, BA, CH Do your clients suffer from the consequences of childhood neglect and abuse? In this experiential class, you will learn how to clear and transform traumatic memories of childhood, including: Release emotional […]

Workshop: Intensive Hypnotherapy Training Program

In late February and early April, 2017, Bruce Eimer, Ph.D., ABPP and Roy Hunter, MS, CHt will be co-teaching the full hypnotherapy certification course at the Behavior Therapy Center, just outside of Philadelphia. The first two quarters will be a two-week intensive, followed by a two-week intensive for the last […]

Make This Summer More Memorable with Hypnosis

This can be the summer you make the changes you need to make for your health and well being. We have summer hours for effective hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions to help you stop smoking, shed those unwanted pounds, change that annoying habit (e.g., nail biting, teeth grinding, an annoying tic, […]

Eimer Hypnosis Pre-Talk For People Who Want Pain Relief

Eimer Hypnosis Pre-talk for People Who Want Pain Relief Just reading or listening to this pre-talk can help you begin to experience less pain and more comfort! I use it with most clients and patients whom I see for hypnotherapy for pain control. This is your time to learn to […]

Tame Chronic Pain

To “tame” means to establish ties. It means to gradually and patiently build an emotional connection and attachment to something using your heart. It requires patience. In order to gain greater control over chronic pain, you must put the time into building a positive relationship with that persistent pain; in […]

Gun Violence and the Media

Straight Talk About Gun Violence and the Media We’ve heard politicians and anti-rights activists cry out for gun control after   the murder of two TV journalists in Virginia. At the same time the “gun grabbers” admit that their proposals would be largely ineffective in stopping public murders.  That doesn’t make […]

Hypnosis Continuing Education

We now at the The Behavior Therapy Center, P.C. and Bruce Eimer, Ph.D., ABPP, are approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor Hypnosis Continuing Education for psychologists. The Behavior Therapy Center, P.C. & Bruce Eimer, Ph.D., ABPP, maintain responsibility for this program and its content. was established to […]

FAQ About Hypnosis

1. What is hypnosis? There are many definitions of hypnosis. Here are the essentials: It is a state of controlled daydreaming and believed-in imagination. It is a state of pleasant, voluntary, relaxed attentive concentration, and effortless concentrated attention. It is a state of heightened suggestibility. It is an altered state […]

Coping With Daily Lumbar Strain

One of my patients, a 55 year old lady, reported she has had bad pain days since her last visit. She has had annoying and biting back pain in her right lumbar area, and radiating right leg pain with some numbness. Her right sided lumbar pain is flared up by household […]

What Does A Pain Psychologist Do?

This is a brief summary of what I do as a Pain Psychologist in my private practice. I assume you are here because you suffer from chronic pain, or you want to help someone else who does. I am a licensed and board certified clinical psychologist and I specialize in […]