Tame Chronic Pain

Taming is taming
Taming is taming

To “tame” means to establish ties. It means to gradually and patiently build an emotional connection and attachment to something using your heart. It requires patience. In order to gain greater control over chronic pain, you must put the time into building a positive relationship with that persistent pain; in others words, you must tame chronic pain while you observe all of the proper rituals. If you do this, you will become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed, and your relationship with your pain will become uniquely better.
– The concept of “taming” or “to tame” comes from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. NY: Harcourt, Brace, World. 1943.

The concept of “taming” something refers to the idea of making a connection with and developing a friendship. The book The Little Prince exemplifies in a fairy tale story metaphor the idea of what it means to “tame” something when the Little Prince wanted to make friends with a fox and that fox replied that the Little Prince first needed to tame him.

Soon I will be revising my website www.TamingPain.com and its Taming Pain Blog so that it becomes a more easily accessed source of information on all things related to managing chronic pain. The concept I have used for years that works so well with people suffering from chronic pain is the idea that you can learn to “tame chronic pain”.  This requires that you have enough of a need for relief from suffering, positive motivation, and the willingness to make a commitment to putting in the time and energy required. This investment will be well paid off however, because when you tame chronic pain you will live with less pain.

I have a new book will be coming out soon. It will be titled Taming Pain Using Your Brain. and it is all about how to tame chronic pain to get realistic pain relief.  The book will be available for purchase on here on BruceEimer.com, on www.TamingPain.com, and also on Amazon.com.

People unfortunately talk about trying to get rid of pain, how to “kill pain”, and thus, they become addicted to or dependent on medications they think about as “painkillers”.  But who wants to be killed?  These concepts are self-defeating and usually counter-productive because pain does not want to be killed.  Furthermore, pain comes without effort and it thus, effort defeats most attempts to get pain relief. In contrast, in order to gain control over one’s pain, one has to become more intimate with it and understand it. That is what it means to “tame chronic pain”. When you make the commitment to put the time into building a relationship with your persistent pain (which you have anyway, but probably an antagonistic one!), your pain will become softer. Things do become softer when you tame them. Tame chronic pain and you will succeed in softening the hardness and severity of your persistent pain. And this is what gaining realistic pain relief requires. More to come later…

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