Eimer Hypnosis Pre-Talk For People Who Want Pain Relief

Eimer Hypnosis Pre-talk for People Who Want Pain Relief

Hypnotize Yourself Out of Pain – 1st Edition

Just reading or listening to this pre-talk can help you begin to experience less pain and more comfort! I use it with most clients and patients whom I see for hypnotherapy for pain control.

This is your time to learn to utilize the power of your mind to control your body through your mind. Nobody but you understands how much pain and suffering you feel. You did not ask to have chronic pain. But you have been asking for answers about how you can get out of pain. And you’re here because you haven’t found satisfactory answers yet.
So I am not going to sit here and tell you that I’m going to be able to take away your pain.  But maybe I can help you take away some of your pain. And perhaps you can learn how to distance yourself from the pain. But I don’t know how much.

And I don’t know how much relief you will need to feel in order to believe we have done something worthwhile together. In fact, I don’t know how much relief you will feel before you believe we’ve done something worthwhile together. Will you feel better when you feel 10% more comfortable? Will you feel much better when you feel 20% more comfortable? Will you feel you have done something worthwhile when you feel 40% more comfortable? Will you be happier when you are 50% more comfortable?

I really don’t know and it really doesn’t matter because what does matter is that you recognize that you do feel better. I want you to know that I’m not going to make you do anything here and you’re certainly not going to learn how to bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken.  You just need to be willing to daydream because anyone who can daydream can experience hypnosis.  And when you enter hypnosis, you and your secrets will be safe here, so whatever you wish to keep to yourself, you will. Whatever you’re not ready to share, or know, you can keep to yourself. And when you feel that you agree with what I’m saying you will feel better. And when you disagree with what I’m saying or asking, you’ll know that too, and feel better. And that’s just fine, because I can’t possibly know what’s in your mind unless you tell me what’s going through your mind.

But I think you will agree that because pain comes without effort, the harder you try to get rid of pain, the harder it is. So I don’t want you to try to do anything right now.  Your job is to just be the patient and just allow whatever happens happen and to refuse to analyze what you’re doing or thinking or feeling right now.

You don’t need to be the best patient to benefit from hypnosis. You just need to listen to what I am saying. For now, your job is to just be the patient and turn off your critical mind. And my job is to analyze and be critical of what I’m saying because I’m the therapist. So, being analytical is the one thing you can do to make this not work and I assume you are here because you want this to work for you. So I assume you want to know that you have experienced hypnosis in a positive way.

Because I can hypnotize anyone who is willing, and not hypnotize someone who is not a willing subject. And if you want to learn how to have more comfort, you will be a willing subject. So, be a willing subject and go along with what I say without analyzing or criticizing or judging.  And when I say something that feels all right, you will accept that idea.  But if I say anything that does not feel right, feel comfortable and disagree, while you agree to tell yourself what you do feel good about.  And if at any time you don’t understand something, or if you want to ask a question, just raise your hand and we’ll talk.

You know you won’t be unconscious in hypnosis, and when you feel like you want to talk to me, or ask me a question, the sound of your own voice will help you stay in hypnosis and you will go deeper.

You may remember some of what I have said and some of what you have said after our session. Or you just may forget everything you heard. But your unconscious mind will remember everything that’s important.  Soon, but not yet, I will ask you for permission to help you enter hypnosis. In fact, I will ask you for permission before I do anything, because I want you to be surprised about how good you feel.

So, in a moment but not yet, when I ask you. do you want to do hypnosis with me now, when you say yes, I will begin by talking with you in a way will help you relax as you close your eyes and focus on what I’m saying, and as you clearly imagine what I am suggesting.  And the more absorbed you become in imagining what I am suggesting, the deeper you will go into the pleasant daydream we will create together.  And as you go deeper into that pleasant daydream, the better you’ll feel. And the better you feel, the deeper you’ll go.

As I said earlier, anyone who can daydream can be hypnotized.  You can daydream can you not? Anyone who can daydream can do hypnosis because all hypnosis is self hypnosis, and as long as you create your own daydream, you will enter hypnosis.  And when you enter hypnosis in your own daydream, you will get in touch with your deepest feelings.  And you will discover the part of you that knows you are precious and that your feelings really matter.  And the part of you that knows you are precious also knows that you deserve to be more comfortable.

Hypnosis is the way for you to learn from that part of you how to become more comfortable, and at the same time, how to get rid of unnecessary pain, so you can recognize that you will learn how to live with less pain and with mpore comfort.  Hypnosis is a doorway into your unconscious.  And your unconscious mind holds most of the pain and the keys to finding greater comfort so you can live with less pain. My goal is to help you to get more conscious and unconscious mastery of coping methods that you will actually use to get rid of unnecessary suffering so that you begin to notice how your pain experience is changing and becoming less painful.

As I use hypnotic communication with you, and as you learn to communicate with yourself hypnotically, we can work together to discover the strategies that will help you get more distance and more relief from pain.  And as you get more distance from pain, you get closer to keeping more comfort.  And I want you to know that the more you enjoy yourself here and when you leave here, the more comfort you will have.

So, just give yourself permission to enjoy this experience for awhile. Give yourself permission to suspend judgment and criticism for now, so you get more out of this experience. And the more you get from this experience, the better you will feel. And the better you feel, the more you will want to experience hypnosis the next time. And you’ll get better and better at feeling more comfortable as you get better and better at experiencing hypnosis.

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