Speaking Engagements

My background is in public speaking and in professional writing. I have given hundreds of invited talks, lectures and commencement addresses on various topics over the years.

I am currently available for speaking engagements to address a variety of topics of current interest such as:

  • The opiate “pain killer” problem in America. There are thousands of preventable deaths each year in America due to the abuse of opiate pain medications. These highly regulated medicines are too often diverted onto the street where they are sold for high prices often with fatal consequences. There are thousands of “pain treatment centers” that prescribe opiates either without following best practice guidelines and the law, or that dispense such prescriptions with inadequate oversight, psychological input, or follow-up. In this lecture, I describe the scope of the problem and propose sensible solutions for clinical practice and public health policy.
  • Mental health, gun rights, and gun laws. Guns are a heated topic of current debate in America. Media reported gun violence is at an all-time high. In this current climate, diametrically opposed opinions rage on the issue of the proper balance between honoring the Second Amendment protected gun rights of law abiding citizens and the problem of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, those who are violently mentally ill, and off the street. In this lecture, I explain the philosophies of each side of this raging debate, and propose sensible solutions.
  • The law of self-defense. In this lecture, I explain the force continuum and discuss the common proscriptions and constraints regarding the use of force and lethal force for self-defense in most state’s laws. A detailed analysis is provided of the specific circumstances where lethal force is legally justified, and the self-defense concepts of “castle doctrine” and “stand your ground” are explained with case examples.
  • Managing chronic pain. I have worked as the Director of Behavioral Health at a hospital based comprehensive pain treatment center since 2011. Before that, I evaluated and treated chronic pain patients in outpatient and inpatient settings for over 25 years. In this lecture, I summarize my clinical experiences and the vast literature on how sound psychological principles can be implemented to help people manage their chronic pain, and the role of the clinical pain psychologist in a variety of medical settings.
  • How to stop smoking for good. In this lecture, I explain how I have used hypnosis and cognitive behavioral psychology over the past 20 years to help people stop smoking.
  • The Hypnosis H.E.L.P. Weight Loss Diet. In this lecture, I describe a Hypnosis Education and Learning Program that I have developed over the years that has successfully helped hundreds of people lose weight and keep the pounds off by increasing their motivation to eat and exercise sensibly and manage their stress effectively.
  • How to develop healthy self-acceptance. In this lecture, I explain my “Depression Prevention Program” and describe how the principles for effectively preventing depression also serve as a useful framework for overcoming clinical depression.
  • Managing anxiety and stress. We live in an overly stimulated world. People today are asked to juggle too many priorities and this has resulted in the highest incidence ever of anxiety disorders and stress-related illnesses. In this lecture, I describe the underlying causes of anxiety disorders as well as the bio-psycho-social basis of stress-related medical illnesses. Then I describe a program that can help anyone live a more balanced and stress-fee life by following simple practices derived from 5 fundamental principles of healthy living.

I am also available to consult with broadcast, print and online news media about the above psychological and public health topics, as well as about other relevant psychological and psychosocial topics.