Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnosis is a procedure during which a trained health professional or professional hypnotherapist gives a patient or client carefully worded instructions to help the client enter a state of attentive concentration and believed-in imagination. In this hypnotic “trance” state, the “hypnotized” client is aware of everything that’s going on, is usually but not always in a relaxed or calm state, and at the same time, is absorbed in using his or her imagination as directed by the hypnotist. Hypnosis is a therapeutic communication tool that, when used appropriately, makes many treatments more effective.

Hypnotherapy is the use of Clinical Hypnosis in the context of Psychotherapy or “talk therapy” for a variety of psychological, emotional, behavioral adjustment, and physical problems (e.g., chronic pain). I have been practicing hypnosis and hypnotherapy for over 28 years to help people get better, make the changes they desire, and keep the change. I specialize in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, overeating, weight loss, chronic pain, depression, addictions, anxiety, phobias, panic disorder, annoying habits such as nail biting, complicated grief, PTSD, learning problems and study habits, public speaking and “stage fright”, and athletic and sports performance problems.

Stop smoking in just one visit! The most common reason people go to a professional hypnotist is for help to stop smoking. When you consult with me to help you stop smoking, after your hypnosis session, you will recognize that smoking is a choice and you do not have to smoke anymore. You will be able to refuse to smoke with little to no stress or withdrawal symptoms, because you really want to be a non-smoker. I have been using hypnosis as a tool to help people stop smoking for over 20 years. Often, this can be accomplished in just one visit. However, results will vary in each individual case.

Your initial visit. When you come to me for hypnosis to help you solve a problem, you will probably experience how pleasant hypnosis really is, as long as you are ready to experience hypnosis during your first visit. However, your first visit will also involve a detailed intake and evaluation to find out the nature of your problem and to formulate the best treatment plan for you.

Recognize that, regardless of your previous experiences with hypnosis, you will be able to experience the benefits of hypnosis with my help as long as you are: ready, willing, able to pay attention, properly educated about what hypnosis is and is not so you are not afraid, and you do want to be helped to solve the problem for which you have come to me for help.

For more information about what hypnosis is and isn’t, watch my hypnosis pre-talk video and also refer to my Hypnosis FAQs.

Therapeutic Hypnosis. Hypnosis is one of the oldest non-drug therapeutic tools to help people get well and change disturbing behaviors. Suffice it to say here, hypnosis is a special method of communication with your subconscious mind that, with your cooperation, establishes a heightened state of suggestibility. In this state, it is easy to use your imagination for the purpose at hand, and bypass the empty excuses you’ve kept telling yourself that have prevented you from making beneficial changes.

In addition to using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in my office practice every day, I teach Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy around the country to health professionals and professional hypnotherapists.

Fees. My fee for initial office appointments is $300, for a 90-minute consultation session. For subsequent 50-minute appointments, my fee is $250. For most problems, I can help you achieve rapid change in anywhere from 2 to 5 visits. However, results will vary and there are no guarantees, as change depends on you. I accept payment before the visit through PayPal. For initial visits, payment at the time of the office visit must be in cash.

Skype Therapy and Marathon Hypnotherapy Weekends. For people who live far away, or who cannot get to my office, I also do Skype Therapy. Individual marathon hypnotherapy weekends are also available for people who live far away and who wish to fly in to Philadelphia for the weekend see me on a Friday evening, on Saturday, and on Sunday morning. Advance payment can be made through PayPal.

Please contact me by email or call and leave a message at 215-947-7867 (947-STOP), if you are interested in having a consultation about your problem.