Essential Guide to Concealed Carry, Parts 1-5 (eBook)




Pages: 719 (Unabridged)

When you make the choice to carry a gun, you are taking on a serious responsibility. There are multitude of considerations that you need to think through and come to terms with. You must obtain necessary and appropriate mental and physical training with the equipment and gear  you choose to carry. You must learn the rules of engagement and disengagement in social confrontations. You must become familiar with the laws as they apply to the use of force and self defense. You must understand your rights, your lawful roles, your duties and obligations, your capabilities, and your limitations. This book will address these essential considerations. That is why I have chosen to title this book, ARMED: The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry.

  • Part One: Essential Attitude and Mindset
  • Part Two: Essential Knowledge
  • Part Three: Essential Tools
  • Part Four: Essential Skills
  • Part Five: Good Things to Know (Bonus)


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