Basic Defensive Handgun (Video)


Total Run Time – 120 minutes

MP4 Video Download Links Available Upon Payment – 8 files



Given the increasing prevalence of seemingly random acts of terror, and left wing politicians talking about how they’re going to take our guns away if they get elected, gun sales are rising. We have seen this cycle before. However, what is different today is that people are buying guns and actually seeking training.

Many people are recognizing that a gun will do them no good unless they know how to use it when they really need to use it. More than any other tool, when a gun is needed, nothing else will do. But when you need your firearm, what if it malfunctions and does not go “bang” when you press the trigger? To handle such a situation, you need to know not only how to work your gun, but how your gun works.

In this series of defensive handgun videos, author, psychologist and firearms instructor, Dr. Bruce Eimer, covers the essential aspects of handgun knowledge so you can develop the reality based confidence and skills you’ll need to survive should you ever need your handgun in a “social emergency”.

When you purchase and watch this video series, you will learn how to…

  • remember how a semi-auto pistol works
  • and use that knowledge to…
  • disassemble and clean your handgun
  • clear malfunctions and keep it running
  • observe the universal firearm safety rules
  • employ accurate shooting fundamentals
  • present a handgun from concealment
  • practice to become a competent shooter
  • make defensive shooting practice fun…
  • and much more…

So, watch Part One of this video series on firearms safety for FREE when you subscribe to Personal Defense Solutions newsletter, and then decide for yourself whether you should buy and study this entire defensive handgun video series.

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