Tame Chronic Pain

To “tame” means to establish ties. It means to gradually and patiently build an emotional connection and attachment to something using your heart. It requires patience. In order to gain greater control over chronic pain, you must put the time into building a positive relationship with that persistent pain; in […]

Coping With Daily Lumbar Strain

One of my patients, a 55 year old lady, reported she has had bad pain days since her last visit. She has had annoying and biting back pain in her right lumbar area, and radiating right leg pain with some numbness. Her right sided lumbar pain is flared up by household […]

What Does A Pain Psychologist Do?

This is a brief summary of what I do as a Pain Psychologist in my private practice. I assume you are here because you suffer from chronic pain, or you want to help someone else who does. I am a licensed and board certified clinical psychologist and I specialize in […]