Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Dr. Eimer specializes in helping people to stop smoking, lose weight and defeat chronic pain. He can also help you to recover from PTSD, addictions, depression and more. Let him help you solve your emotional or behavioral problems. He's also a specialist in hypnotic regression techniques for forensic investigative hypnosis, recalling information to find lost items, recovering from traumatic experiences and much more.

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Psychological Evaluations

Dr. Eimer specializes in conducting forensic psychological evaluations for PA Act 235 (Lethal Weapons Certification), PA Act 120 (Police Officer Certification), Fitness for Duty, Proof of Good Mental Health for Gun Permits, Restoration of Gun Rights, Proof of Psychological Damages for Civil Litigants, Proof of Mitigating Factors for Criminal Defendants, and more. He also conducts clinical psychological evaluations for various types of patients.

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Training, Workshops and Courses

Dr. Eimer teaches basic and advanced hypnotherapy workshops for psychologists and professional hypnotherapists, seminars for malpractice and personal injury attorneys on pertinent psychological topics, and hypnosis seminars for the public for stop smoking and weight loss. He also provides practice development consultations and clinical supervision to psychologists and hypnotherapists.

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Public Speaking Engagements

Dr. Bruce Eimer is available for public speaking engagements on various topics such as "preventing opiate abuse", "managing chronic pain", "how hypnosis helps people stop smoking & lose weight", "developing healthy self-acceptance, "preventing & overcoming depression", "managing stress & anxiety", "understanding the connections between gun violence & mental health", and "staying safe in a dangerous world".

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Client Testimonials

Your book ‘Hypnotize yourself out of pain now’ is changing my life. Last year after reading your book, I went from migraines 3 times+ a week to just 1 every four – six months and I’m working twice a day to hopefully stop my pain all together. Thank You so much for your book!! And Thanks Again for your book.. It means the world to me to have the coping skills, etc. that you’ve provided in your book.

Lorraine F.


Thanks for helping me work on my weight issues. I didn’t expect it to be so easy. Your hypnosis and the tapes really helped me stay on track! I am happy to say that I am no longer craving ice cream and that I have lost 18 pounds since I first came to see you.

Bob S.

It’s been approximately five months now and Dr. Eimer’s procedure really worked for me. The hypnosis was very relaxing. Dr. Eimer told me how my body was a temple and how I was destroying my body by smoking and putting nicotine in it. I haven’t picked up a cigarette since seeing Dr. Eimer. I would recommend that whoever wants to stop smoking see Dr. Eimer first.

Nathan K.

Philadelphia, PA

Licenses and Certifications